What our Customers say...


I pass by your green building everyday. When our ac leaked, I called. You have very good staff and they are professional.

My husband called SERVPRO because our toilet overflowed. The techs were good.

I've used SERVPRO in the past and my Nationwide insurance agent advised me to call them again. I had a wonderful experience with the staff. They are the best!

Our refrigerator leaked water. We called our State Farm insurance agent who recommended SERVPRO. Justin came to our house several times. He was fantastic. They cleaned everything and did a good job.

I called SERVPRO due to smoke damage. We had a fire in our stove, and it caused a lot of smoke. Nick was nice. Everyone did a good job and they were cooperative.

I called SERVPRO because the drip pan for my furnace was leaking and the pipe was clogged. Four areas in the house were wet including the bathroom and hallway. The guys were great! They come in and clean everything.

We had an HVAC condensation line that caused damage in our attic and garage. The estimator, Eric, was polite and provided us with an estimate. We've had them back twice since the initial call because we found additional problems in other parts of the house. We are very happy with the service!

SERVPRO came in today and took care of my wreckage. It was one of the best experiences I've had and it really helped my anxiety! Everyone was incredibly helpful! 

I had 2 guys help me...Nick and Eric. Awesome, awesome guys!

We were left with a lake in the lobby area of our branch, due to a water delivery gone bad! Fortunately for us, and our clients, our home office called SERVPRO. They responded quickly to remove the majority of the water and left drying equipment in place over the weekend to assure that our carpet was dry and ready for business on Monday morning. I would highly recommend the team at SERVPRO.

Our water delivery company decided to drop 5 gallons of water in our lobby and run...literally. The delivery guy was more worried about his shoes than the mess he created, and he offered no help to fix the mess he created...he just left. We called our corporate office, who called SERVPRO and they were there in a flash. The team at SERVPRO showed up with wet vacs to suck up the spill, as well as a fan and a dehumidifier to further dry out the carpet. The major part of the spill was up quickly with the vacuum, but the team left the fan and dehumidifier over a weekend (the spill occurred on a Thursday afternoon) to get the rest of the carpet dry. The tech returned on Monday and collected the equipment once they were satisfied that we were satisfied that everything was dry and back to as it was. I am very pleased all of this was done quickly and efficiently, with minimal impact on our branch team and our clients.

Our insurance company told us about SERVPRO of Pasadena. They did the drying in our house, and Chris asked if we had someone to do the reconstruction. 

The team was on time. We are very happy with their service. They were excellent to work with.

Thank you for the prompt, and professional service your company provided for us.  If we are ever in need of the type of services your company provides, we be sure to let you know!

SERVPRO helped us when our basement flooded. They did a great job cleaning the water in our basement. The workers were polite and did a fine job. Thanks.

One afternoon after a period of several days of rain , playing fetch outside our house with our cabin fevered mutt. A missed catch of the ball led me to the crawl space opening. I was utterly amazed to see the reflections of of standing water in the entire space. To this day I dont know why but we had a SERVPRO magnet on the fridge! There were there within the hour. Two truckloads. Blessed that no water had reached the sub-flooring. The SERVPRO team was rapid, empathetic and thorough. They took care of everything including logistics with insurance company. They saved the day and a potential disaster. The moral is, get your sump checked and put a SERVPRO magnet on your fridge.

After our organization experienced severe flooding from broken pipes SERVPRO got us back up and running more quickly that I would have believed possible. The service was thorough and efficient and the staff was extremely easy to work with and genuinely interested in serving our needs. As a church we needed to have the full use of our facility back within 3 days. SERVPRO got us done under our deadlines and with complete satisfaction. 

We received phenomenal service from SERVPRO after the sump pump failed and our basement flooded in December. We were actually in Spain at the time, and got a frantic call from our house sitter. From the first contact with SERVPRO until the last of the repairs were done, their service was first class. Because they responded so quickly and with so much equipment, we only lost the carpet and baseboards. We did not have to replace the drywall. They did a great job drying everything out, hauling away the debris and then getting quotes for the repairs. We were kept informed every step of the way. The basement looks great! The painters did an awesome job and the carpet crew was also top notch. I’ve never had contractors do such a great job of cleaning up after themselves. They picked up every last carpet fiber and even vacuumed everything. All of the crews were polite, courteous and professional and Chris was constantly checking in. No one wants to deal with a flooded basement while on vacation half way around the world the week of Christmas- but life happens, and I’m so grateful that we called SERVPRO of Pasadena/Gibson Island/Lake Shore, Chris and his team are all rockstars.